Carrying out a risk and threat analysis for a machine manufacturer

How a CyberCompare risk and threat analysis led to competitive advantages for a machine manufacturer

With CyberCompare, we want to help companies strengthen their digital security effectively, cost-effectively and in the long term. An integral part of this mission is the risk and threat analysis, in which we examine for companies their current cyber risk situation, prioritize measures strategically and facilitate sustainable cyber risk management through an individual report.




For a large, German machine manufacturer, the shift to intelligent machines and remote service models made the identification of necessary safety functions and architecture inevitable.

To support this process, we began by analyzing the current cyber risk situation and top risk scenarios through close collaboration between our expert teams and the company. To do this, we first conducted interviews with key employees to identify potential cyber risks. To process the results, we also organized a workshop and created a baseline showing the company's current security posture as part of a comprehensive risk analysis. We then prioritized potential actions based on an assessment of the potential for loss and disruption of company assets from the identified risks (e.g., using annualized loss expectations). The results, as well as tailored reference architectures to minimize the company's attack surface and vectors, were summarized in a report for management.



team-5 (2)

Analysis of the Current Risk Situation


Quantification and Assessment of the Risk


Prioritization of Risks


Risk Assessment Report




From the analyses, some critical security vulnerabilities emerged, which we carefully investigated and assessed. The proposed architecture according to Security by Design minimized the attack surface and vectors. The produced risk assessment report is also available to the management for future decisions on budget, policies and procedures. The guideline for further risk assessment continues to help the company prioritize actions efficiently. The long-term cost reduction by using the best solutions for business-critical areas enables a competitive advantage for the company.

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